Wealth Management Advice

wealth management

Offshore investments give you the opportunity to make sure that the money you’ve worked hard for is working hard for you in return. Our professional financial advisors here at GPS can help you to make sound investment choices that will see a positive return on your invested funds.

Many people use their bank account to build their savings, but with interest rates so low at present, once you take inflation and rising living costs into account, it is often the case that these savings are standing still at best.

With this in mind, the most effective wealth management solution is to use your lump sum of money and invest it intelligently. Lump sum or offshore investments mean that instead of being inactive, your money has the chance to build and grow – giving your personal finances a welcome boost.

If you’re an international worker or expat looking for alternative wealth management solutions, there are options available to you that will make the idea of a lump sum investment more appealing.

These benefits include:

  1. Tax breaks
  2. Investment flexibility
  3. Access to funds normally unattainable
  4. The ability to take an income without penalties


Contact one of our fully qualified advisers today for personal advice on the options available to you.