Savings Plans

savings plan

One of the most effective and painless methods of raising capital is to contribute an affordable amount of your income into a Regular Savings plan. Regular contributions to an investment scheme are probably the best way to create wealth and minimize risk by way of cost averaging, particularly in times of market uncertainty and volatility, as more units are purchased when prices are low.

GPS has access to a vast array of award winning regular savings products which may be used to fund future objectives such as your pension, your children’s education expenses, property purchases or simply to invest excess disposable income for you or your family’s future security. Through assessment of your objectives, current circumstances and attitude to risk, we can design a regular savings vehicle tailor made to your requirements.

Through our regular review service, and the inherent flexibility of the available products, we are able to ensure that your plan remains consistent with your circumstances.

We can supply you with an array of banking solutions and a number of different saving options for short, medium and long term investments.

Contact one of our fully qualified advisers today for personal advice on the options available to you.