Offshore Investments

offshore investment

Offshore Investment Bonds are one of the alternative financial planning solutions that can prove to be economically advantageous. Our financial advisors can talk you through the process of securing an offshore investment bond and explain how this could be the perfect opportunity for you to invest a lump sum in a wide range of funds. An offshore investment bond can maximize the prospects for capital growth, with the added convenience of holding all your assets in one portfolio.

Offshore Investment Bonds also offer you the following benefits:

  1. Tax-free growth on income and the underlying capital in the fund (in some tax jurisdictions)
  2. An almost unlimited choice of assets and funds to give you greater growth opportunity whilst spreading the investment risk
  3. Cash withdrawals to provide an income
  4. Access to institutional high rate deposit accounts.
  5. Ability to invest in multi currencies


Financial Advisors – Helping You With Lump Sum Investments

GPS operates from a variety of different countries across asia and beyond, providing qualified and professional financial advice to expats and clients around the world.

If you would like to know more about how we can make your funds work harder for you, then please contact us now and let one of our professional, qualified financial advisers illustrate the various lump sum investment and wealth management options available.